[Amsterdam] UK Taxi Drivers Take Uber To Court To Access Their Personal Data And Understand Its Algorithms

22 JUL 2020

Four British taxi drivers are taking Uber to court in Amsterdam and, under European data protection legislation, seeking access to their personal data and an explanation of how the company’s algorithms work. The British AppDrivers & Couriers Union alleges that Uber keeps ‘secret driver profiles with work-related performance classifications’. Additionally claiming that electronic tags monitor drivers’ punctuality and reliability, potential ‘inappropriate behaviour’ and reports about their attitude. 

In a press release, the union reportedly said, “This runs contrary to Uber’s insistence in many employment misclassification legal challenges across multiple jurisdictions worldwide that drivers are self-employed and not subject to management control.” Ekker legal company has made its court application public. The application states that transparency is important because it clarifies “the degree to which Uber has management control” and reads “proceedings are being conducted in various jurisdictions as to whether there is an employment relationship between Uber and the Uber drivers.” DutchNews.nl has further details of the case and Uber’s response.