[Cairo] Stranded Egyptian Expats Repatriated By Exceptional Flights

30 JUN 2020

On June 28, Cairo International Airport received four exceptional flights which returned 395 Egyptian expatriates home after measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 stranded them in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Jordan and Qatar, Egypt Today details their repatriation.

An Air Cairo flight had 174 nationals on board; transiting in Muscat after they had left Doha on an Omani airline while another carried 50 citizens from Jordan. A Nile Air flight and an Egypt Air flight repatriated 161 and 10 citizens, from Saudi Arabia and Italy respectively.

Mohamed Manar - Minister of Civil Aviation - said that since the suspension of international aviation on March 19 a total of around 57,000 stranded Egyptians have been brought home on 315 exceptional flights operated by Air Cairo and Egypt Air.

The returns began with citizens in temporary visits or stays, the exceptional flights later began bringing home expatriates - predominantly in the Gulf - whose employment was terminated.

Passengers’ body temperature is measured when they arrive at the airport. A period of 14 days of self-isolation at home has now been substituted for paid quarantine at MarsaAlam hotels and free-of-charge quarantine in university dorms.

Source Egypt Today