[India] Government Should Talk To Trade Unions Before Wage Code Decision

28 JUL 2020

On July 22, during a virtual discussion on wage code arranged by the National Labour Law Association, Dr RC Khuntia offered his perspective. The former MP and national vice president of INTUC said that The Central Government wage code rules must be in the line with certain ILO conventions and recommendations and that Central Government must take the views of trade unions into consideration by calling a tripartite meeting for a final decision on the matter.

Dr Khuntia said the decision by some State Governments to extend the daily working hours from 8 hours to 12 hours and the 1,000-day suspension of all labours laws in Gujurat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh is not acceptable for the working class in India. He argued that affected workers might respond by applying to the Supreme Court, the ILO or by planning a nationwide programme of protests against the anti-labour policies of the Government. The Pioneer has further details of Dr Khuntia’s comments and his wish for worker’s wages to be protected.


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