[India] Salary Bump And Bonuses For All Renew Power Employees

15 JUL 2020

In a potentially unusual move for the sector, ReNew Power has awarded salary increases of up to 12 per cent and bonuses to all its employees in the time of lockdown. According to industry sources, some private-sector clean energy firms have given their employees raises but such action has not been taken across the board and the moves made have been nominal ones for lower-income categories (below Rs 10 lakh per annum, for example).

ReNew Power has given out salary increments to its over 1,100 employees across locations despite the prevailing economic slowdown. The average increments awarded are between 5 and 12 per cent. Renew is India's leading renewable energy company. The company made a concerted decision to safeguard employees from economic hardship during the COVID-19 crisis in the hope that the country’s economy will rally. Zee Business has further details on the story.


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