[Ireland] 15 percent Pay Premium For Dublin Workers Considered Unfair

Surprisingly, the knowledge that Dublin workers earn 15 per cent more than workers in other counties is more likely to antagonise those working in the capital, The Irish Times reports.

Earnings data released this week by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) demonstrates that Dublin workers earned an average of €50,801 in 2018. This figure is 15 per cent above the State average of €44,180. (Link via original reporting)

However, the expense of living in Dublin makes it likely that workers will pay more for transport, for accommodation and for food. More than a 15 per cent wage higher wage could cover.

Additionally, multinationals -  companies who generally pay employees more - are driving average earnings figures for Dublin higher.

According to the CSO results, workers in the IT sector like Apple, Facebook or Google earn the highest salaries. Workers in the hospitality sector are paid the least. For workers in the information and communications sector, average weekly earnings were €1,244 in 2018; almost four times those in the hospitality sector. 

Recent financial statements demonstrate that the 1,008 staff directly employed by Facebook Ireland in 2017 received an average annual salary of €95,766. With share payments, bonuses and the like, the average earned by a Facebook Ireland employee in 2017 was €154,000. This figure an increase from the around €140,000 earned in 2016 and €123,000 the previous year.

Such considerable salaries are earned by a small proportion of workers and do not represent the general workforce, but the size of the salaries is large enough to have an impact on the average. 

The CSO found that 63 per cent of workers earned under the average weekly salary in 2018 and 37 per cent earned above the mean.

Source: The Irish Times