[Japan] 42 percent of early 60's population want to continue part-time work

A labour ministry survey released on October 25, revealed that 42.3 per cent of people in their early 60s hope to work part-time after they turn 65, The Japan News reports.

The labour ministry survey on elderly employment also demonstrated that 61 per cent of companies are able to offer part-time positions to older people.

The government intends to submit a bill to next year’s regular Diet session revising the law for stable elderly employment to require companies to make efforts to identify jobs for workers after the age of 70. 

A subcommittee of an advisory panel under the ministry is currently drawing up the details of the amendment. 

The ministry surveyed people between the ages of 60 and 64 who earned income from employment up until June. Choosing from a number of answer options, 18.6 per cent said they wish to work as regular employees after the age of 65 and 13.8 per cent would like to work as contract workers. 65.4 per cent said they wish to continue working at their current place of employment.

Source: The Japan News