[Japan] Scope For Re-Entry Of Foreign Residents Entended

15 JUL 2020

The Japanese government will soon be extending the scope of non-Japanese residents eligible for re-entry to the country. According to sources, expatriate workers and educators will be allowed to return, on humanitarian grounds and in a bid to aid economic recovery. The decision will be officially made later this week, sources said on July 13. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing for COVID-19 will reportedly be among the criteria for re-entry.

At present foreign residents - even those with family residing in Japan - are not permitted to re-enter Japan after visiting a country or region subject to Tokyo’s coronavirus travel ban. Re-entry is currently an exception allowed only for those with special and very limited circumstances, such as the need for medical treatment overseas or to honour a request by a foreign court to appear for a trial. The Japan Times details the changes and considers what this might mean for other expats going forward.


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