[Malta] EU Commission Urges End To ‘Employment Licence’ Requirement For Long-Term Residents

17 JUL 2020

Long-term residents may soon be able to work in Malta without the need to obtain an ‘employment license’ if Maltese authorities heed a warning of the EU Commission to remove the requirement. The European Commission has decided to start an infringement procedure against Malta as part of its regular package of infringement decisions because the country has failed to fulfil its obligations under the Long-Term Residence Directive (2003/109/EC).

Additionally, the Commission has sent a letter of formal notice to the Maltese authorities detailing the case, highlighting the fact that the Directive establishes, in Article 11(1), that long-term residents are entitled to enjoy equal treatment regarding access to employment, including conditions of employment and working conditions. The letter of formal notice states that Malta does not currently comply. Schengenvisainfo News details the report and how the country must now proceed.


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