[New Zealand] Auckland Transport Putting Things Right After Holidays Act Errors

17 JUL 2020

In common with many organisations across New Zealand, Auckland Transport (AT) misinterpreted the complex Holidays Act 2003 legislation. Their miscalculations caused payment errors for some of its current and former employees across several types of pay: alternate days, annual leave, bereavement leave, domestic violence leave, public holidays and sick leave.

In 2018, a review of Auckland Transport’s payroll system was undertaken, dating back to AT’s inception in November 2010. The review aimed to identify where underpayments had occurred (for current and former employees). The complex task was overseen by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Legal advice was taken to ensure AT met its obligations under the Act. Our Auckland reports the steps being taken to remedy the situation for current and former employees, recalculate their pay and ensure compliance with the Act.


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