[Oregon] Financial Support Website For Thousands Without Work In The State

17 APR 2020

A financial resource site has been made available to the thousands of Oregonians struggling with unemployment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, KVAL reports.

This online support follows the recent passing by Congress of the economic rescue package known as the ‘Cares Act’. The financial resource site is reportedly intended as a one-stop centre for individuals, families, employees and small businesses to help get financial resources. (Link via original reporting)

US Senator Ron Wyden said, "It looks like, because of this huge increase in unemployment numbers, there's going to be a huge increase in Medicaid claims - that's the federal state program for folks who don't have coverage. And our legislation will go to the finance committee where I sit as well." 

On the financial resource website are links to apply for unemployment insurance, paycheque protection programs, direct cash assistance and disaster grants and loans. Access to these resources was made possible by Senator Wyden’s inclusion of them as priorities in the last legislation under the Cares Act.

"We're going to create a one-stop web link to basically cut through all of this confusing information that is swirling around about COVID-19 resources. And folks can get their questions answers quickly and immediate resources that will help," he said.

Regarding unemployment offices in Oregon, Senator Wyden said he expects claims to be processed faster for people over the next fortnight.