[Turkey] Minimum Wage Rise Cancelled Out By Food Price Inflation

28 MAY 2020

The fast-rising inflation of food prices in Turkey is negating a recent rise in the country’s minimum wage, Ahval News (via Cumhuriyet) reports.

At the beginning of 2020, the monthly minimum wage was increased by 15 per cent taking it to 2,324 liras ($336.8).

However, reporting by Cumhuriyet said its purchasing power has diminished due to inflation in the price of basic food products between January and May.

At the start of the year, beef was sold at an average price of 46 liras ($6.67) per kilogram. In May it increased to an average of 53 liras ($7.68).

Cumhuriyet said that onions went up in price from 2.52 liras to 3.8 liras per kilogram over the same period and the price of potatoes rose from 2.2 liras to 4.2 liras. Garlic increased from 37 liras to 70 liras and the price of tomatoes went from 6.2 liras to 8.5 liras.

According to a study by Kamu-Sen - the public workers' union - the poverty threshold for an individual in Turkey is 3,408 liras ($581), a third higher than the country’s minimum wage. (Link via original reporting)

Source: Ahval News