[UK] How To Successfully Ask For A Pay Rise In 2020

Salaries for new staff are on the rise according to job search engine Adzuna, with advertised salaries hitting almost £35,000 in 2019. The Mirror shares tips from Adzuna’s recruitment experts to help maximise chances of hearing a yes when you ask for an earnings boost. 

Evaluate your performance

  • Evaluate your performance against your main roles and responsibilities to identify areas you have excelled in

  • Be prepared to share specific examples of your work and how each has benefited the business

  • Demonstrate areas of success where you have gone above and beyond your job role

  • Explore what your skills are worth elsewhere, such knowledge provides leverage for salary negotiations

Find ways to stand out

  • There are ways to increase your ‘value’ in any organisation
  • Take any opportunities for onsite training or take on new projects to expand your experience
  • Being proactive looks positive to employers and helps expand your skill set so you stand out from the crowd
  • Employers now increasingly look for staff with good ‘soft skills’ like communication, problem-solving and negotiation, Remember to emphasise your proficiency in these areas

Choose your moment

  • Many organisations have employee performance reviews. This may seem like the perfect opportunity to ask for a pay rise but don’t limit yourself to this time frame
  • If you go above and beyond your job role and are ready to effectively make your case, take a leap at the start of the year and approach your manager

Prepare to hear a “no”

  • Be prepared to deal with a “no”. There are many reasons businesses cannot give pay raises. They may not have the funds to approve them at this time or it may be unfair to other employees
  • If you hear “no” do not be disheartened. Take the opportunity to get valuable feedback on your performance from your employer and to ask when a pay rise might be feasible