[UK] Know Your Rights For Post-Lockdown Return To Work

10 JUL 2020

Millions of employees were forced to work from home when the UK government announced its lockdown. Under the government’s rules, people were advised to work from home wherever possible and only make essential journeys. Now that lockdown measures are easing and workplaces starting to open up, many Brits will go back to their usual working environments. 

Understandably there are ongoing concerns about returning to offices and other places of work with the nation still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. Returning to work or the prospect of opening up a workspace after lockdown might provoke anxiety but there are employment rights that workers and employers should be aware of. To help assuage concerns, Express spoke to an employment law expert for some insight on health and safety, travelling to and from work, staggered start times and more.



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