[UK] Pension Schemes Newsletter 116 January 2020

On the 14th of January 2020, HMRC published the Managing Pension Schemes Service newsletter.  This was all concerned with the 'Managing Pension Schemes Service' for pension scheme registration and administration. 

On the 28th of January 2020, HMRC published the normal Pension Schemes Newsletter, issue 116.  This has the following articles: 

  • Pension flexibility statistics for the period October to December 2019, specifically the number of P50, P53Z and P50Z forms that were processed
  • Information about the 'Pension Schemes Online' service, importantly the problems that have been experienced accessing the service
  • A reminder about the above Managing Pension Schemes Service newsletter
  • Information that the 'Relief at Source - notification of residency status report for 2020 to 2021' have been issued and what to do if these have not been received
  • Information about the 'Trust Registration Service' and details of the consultation on its expansion (open until the 21st of February 2020)
  • Notice of a change to the scheduled publication of the Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (ROPS) notification list (now the 5th of February 2020 instead of the 3rd)

Global Payroll Association Comment

 For administrators with an involvement in pensions, we recommend reading both the Pension Schemes Newsletters when they are published and The Managing Pension Schemes one.