[UK] Pimlico Plumbers fires staff refusing to return to work

4 AUG 2020

Charlie Mullins - the millionaire boss of Pimlico Plumbers - has fired staff who refused to return to work following their temporary absence. Mr Mullins said that around 30 members of staff were fired, or volunteered for firing, after they refused to return to work on July 31. The Pimlico Plumbers boss reportedly accused some workers of ‘milking’ the system. He urged other companies to follow his example and remove workers from the coronavirus leave program. 

Mr Mullins reportedly said the majority of his 450 staff had returned to work, adding that those who refused to come back were the same staff members who “left the office” at the start of the pandemic. He said the leave program should be replaced with a plan to help the industries suffering most from the pandemic. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has already taken steps to wind up the program. The government’s contribution will be reduced to 70 per cent in September and there will be further cuts before it ends in November. FR 24 News reports on the firings and Mr Mullins’ perspective.

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