[UK] Priti Patel urges Boohoo to protect workers

25 AUG 2020

Priti Patel - the UK home secretary has - written to online ‘fast-fashion’ retailer Boohoo to urge the company to work with its suppliers to protect workers. Ms Patel’s concerns arose from allegations that some workers receive less than the legal minimum wage. Boohoo has previously denied such allegations but the company reportedly terminated contracts with a minimum of two factories for failing to comply with its code of conduct. 

The home secretary’s letter was written to John Lyttle - Boohoo’s chief executive - in it Ms Patel expressed her expectations that Boohoo would work with suppliers to make sure workers were “protected and remediated”. She also emphasised expectations that the company would share with law enforcement agencies any information it had on potential labour exploitation. Financial Times reports full details of the home secretary’s letter and the concerns she has expressed.

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