[UK] Self-Isolating Versus Social Distancing

24 MAR 2020

We have been asked by several members on the difference between self-isolating and social distancing and where the relevant guidance can be found (amongst the loads and loads of guidance that is out there for employers and individuals).

 So we wanted to point you to the relevant places:

  • Self-isolation (where a person needs to stay at home if they have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or lives with someone who does). If this applies, it is also worth reading the guidance on household isolation
  • Social distancing (the general practice of protecting people, particularly older and vulnerable people

Global Payroll Association Comment

We should all be practicing social distancing at the moment.  But not everyone needs to put into place self-isolation or household isolation.

We should not confuse the terminology.  Social distancing does not mean that you have to isolate.  Yet when in isolation, the guidance on distancing must be followed and the two must be exercised together.