[UK] Statutory Sick Pay: Employee Fitness To Work Guidance

11 JUN 2020

The SSP “Fitness to work” guidance has had two recent updates that we want to make you aware of.  This is guidance that is an employer’s guide to assessing fitness to work, including asking for medical evidence, fit notes, and dealing with long term or frequent absences:

31st of March 2020

Information was added on how to deal with Statutory Sick Pay for employees self-isolating due to coronavirus (COVID-19).  This is under the section “Periods of incapacity for work and providing evidence”.

1st of June 2020

In general, when someone is not entitled to SSP to ceases to become entitled, for SSP1 would be issued.  The link is different for employees in Northern Ireland.

But there are cases where the SSP1 would not be appropriate or not applicable.  In these instances, the employer should issue a letter to the employee that explains the decision not to pay or cease paying.  An example template of such a letter can be found in the “Stopping payment of SSP” section of the guidance.

Employers should be aware that the 1st of June 2020 guidance changed that Statutory Payments Disputes team number to 03003 229 422.  This is the number which employees can use if they disagree with the employer’s decision not to pay SSP.

Global Payroll Association Comment

Employers should be aware of this change and update any letters accordingly.


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