[UK] Statutory Sick Pay And COVID-19 - Useful Links

29 APR 2020

We recently “attended” on of HMRC’s live webinars on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and COVID-19.  You may remember the announcement that there would be a “COVID-19 SSP”, payable to people self-isolating or shielding and 14 days of that would be reclaimed from the government.

We were looking for details of HOW this could be reclaimed by employers.  Yet HMRC kept saying that development work was continuing.  What we did get from the webinar was the following links which may be useful:

Global Payroll Association Comment

The webinar was not what we were looking for at all or what we were led to believe it would be.  Yet it was useful to get the above links which we wanted to share.

Still we have to wait for the SSP reclaim portal.