[UK] The Workers (Definition and Rights) Bill 2017-19

This news article is provided in response to several members who have queried it.

In January 2018, Chris Stephens, MP for Glasgow South West introduced a private members’ bill under the “10 minute rule” called the Workers (Definition and Rights) Bill 2017-19.   This had its second reading on the 4th of October 2019.

This Bill seeks to amend the Employment Rights Act by amending the employment status of worker so that they would be called employees and benefit from the same employment rights.  It also states that employees should be given reasonable notice of forthcoming shifts, payment for shift cancellations and the right to fixed or regular hours.


Global Payroll Association Comment

Legislation that is introduced under the 10 minute rule seldom becomes legislation, though it does have the capability of influencing legislation in the future.  Merging the employment status of worker and employee is not something that has been the subject of any legislation so far and this is quite important for employers to note.

Yet with the UK government set to be prorogued ahead of a Queen’s Speech on the 14th of October 2019, this bill is likely to be lost.   

But it is one to remember existed, even if under the 10 minute rule.