[UK] Two-thirds of dads still don’t take paternity leave

7 AUG 2020

HMRC figures suggest that two-thirds of men are still not taking paternity leave. Only 208,000 fathers claimed paternity pay last year (year ending 31 March 2020) as compared to 649,000 women receiving maternity pay for the same period, according to commercial law firm EMW (via HR News). The firm attributes the low rate of statutory paternity pay as one potential reason for the lack of uptake. 

Claimants receive just £151.20 or 90 per cent of their average weekly earnings, whichever is lower. EMW points out that many couples are not in the right financial position for both parents to take leave from work on a considerably reduced income. It says the government should consider increasing statutory paternity pay to incentivize more fathers to take leave. HR News reports EMW’s take on the figures and further explores the findings.

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