[UK] Widest Gender Pay Gap For 50-Somethings

Recent research has revealed a significant pay disparity between men and women in their 50s working full-time, The Global Recruiter reports.

The research - conducted by Rest Less - showed a mean average salary for a woman in her 50s working full time of £32,052. The mean average was £44,561 for a man in his 50s -  a £12,509 (or 28 per cent) disparity. Additionally, the research considers the impact of age, highlighting that the gender pay gap is at its widest when workers are in their 50s.

Stuart Lewis - founder of Rest Less - responded to the figures, saying, “Our data shows that for women in their 50s the chances of them earning an equal salary compared to their male peers is at its slimmest. Women in their 50s are facing an equality battle on multiple fronts in the workplace -–firstly because of their gender and secondly because of their age.”

The research reveals that although both men and women achieve their peak full-time salaries in their 40s, the average gender pay gap will be at its peak when people reach their 50s. The peak salary for women is £34,665. For men, the peak is £46,213 an £11,548 disparity. The average salary earned by a full-time working woman in her 40s decreases by an average of eight per cent when she reaches her 50s. For men experience half the reduction women face, their salary drop is only four per cent.

Mr Lewis continued, “Women in their 50s are facing a tough time in the workplace. Our latest research shows that women in their 50s are taking a double hit when it comes to their salaries, caused by both gender and age discrimination. With such a tight labour market and the wealth of talent and skills on offer amongst women in their 50s and 60s – it’s surprising not to see more employers actively seeking out and engaging with this audience to help fill a very real skills gap.”