[US] Employers ask workers to sign coronavirus liability waivers

03 AUG 2020

As businesses reopen and employers in California and across America ask their workers to return to the workplace, employment lawyers say many have considered using coronavirus liability waivers for staff. And some employers are said to be requiring employees to sign. In the wake of this many employees are calling lawyers to complain about the waivers. And the majority of those affected are reportedly lower-wage and minority workers employed in essential jobs.

In 2019 the California Legislature passed a law - AB51 - prohibiting employers from requiring employees or job applicants to sign away their right to pursue legal claims or benefits under state law. AB51 also prohibits firing an employee for refusing to sign. Business groups are currently challenging the law in court. San Francisco Chronicle explores the liability waiver issue with legal experts and a teacher directly impacted by her refusal to sign.

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