[US] Second Stimulus Cheque Under $1200 For Those 'Hurting The Most'

16 JUL 2020

President Trump has gone on the record stating his desire for 'very generous' stimulus cheques in the near future, implying the second stimulus payment could be over $1,200 per person. However, on July 10 Larry Kudlow - the White House economic adviser - told reporters that the next round of stimulus cheques might be less than $1,200 and targeted to lower-income and unemployed Americans.

Direct payments to US households are likely to be carefully targeted and not going to be across the board. According to FOX Business reporting, the next round of stimulus cheques may be for Americans earning under $40,000. Concerns about America’s ballooning deficit are prompting moves to keep the next stimulus at or below $1 trillionForbes looks at what the next stimulus package may contain and when the legislation to enact it will be passed. (Links via original reporting)