[US] Where On Earth Are Americans Going?


30 JUN 2020


The American Resident Overseas Association says more than 9 million Americans (excluding military) currently live in 160-plus countries around the world. State Department figures put citizens living and working abroad at 8.7 million. This is equal to the combined populations of Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Tucson. Data from various countries suggests many Americans left to settle in other parts of the world after the 2016 Presidential election.

The figures are only estimates because the number of Americans leaving the country is not formally tracked by the US government but recent estimates place the current total at close to nine million. The 2020 figure is double the total for 1999 when 4.1 million Americans had emigrated, the rate is growing faster than the US population. The Yucatan Times analysed recent data and survey results to look at where Americans are emigrating to today, reveal changes in the top 10 countries and explore why those countries are appealing to them.

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