About Us

GPAcomparison sets out to meet the needs of two audiences: the prospective purchaser who is looking to source the closest match to their requirements, and the vendor who wants focused and informed prospects to whom to present their products.

This website is the culmination of our ambition to be the website of choice for everyone who wants to find

and other HRIS, HRMS and related applications.

Additionally to the above, we shall be making available detailed resources regarding the selection, implementation and use of these HR and Payroll solutions.

GPAcomparison’s selection tools have been developed and operated by a team with many years’ of experience and high levels of practical expertise in the identification, selection and implementation of Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Payroll software, Time & Attendance, e-Recruitment and associated applications.

We shall be adding new material on a continuous basis to assist and inform you. Our goal is to offer HR, Payroll and other professionals a site where they can determine their needs and view the products that meet them from a wide variety of HR solutions and HR-related software products

We are continually looking to improve this website, and will appreciate feedback from all our users.

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