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Vendor Name: Payroll Business Solutions Ltd

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Since 1998 Payroll Business Solutions have been providing payroll software with an emphasis on design and development excellence. We provide in-house implementations and use our own software as the basis for our own highly cost effective Bureau service offerings.

 With a high level of staff training and experience, our solutions are chosen by large and well-known organisations, as well as smaller businesses looking for inexpensive, no-fuss services.

 Our technology is at the forefront of the market in key areas that include online payslips, reporting and data entry, efficient configuration of non-statutory requirements and links to HMRC gateway.

 Over the last couple of years we have begun to make inroads into the demanding Recruitment and Staffing sector with our powerful Timesheet and Pay and Charge functionality.

  Core Activity:

-Payroll Software Development, Implementation and Support

 -Outsourced Payroll Services

Professional services:

 -Project Management

- Implementation Consultancy

-User Training

-Software Maintenance and Support

-Payroll Helpdesk

Client Profiles:

Accord Payroll accommodates

 -Small Private to Large Corporate


-Multiple pay period

-Occupational schemes for Sickness and Parental Leave-Holiday Accrual etc

 Sectors in which we operate include:

-Recruitment and Staffing

-Construction-Logistics and Distribution



-Professional Services

-Professional Membership and Trade Union


Software Features:

Online Payslips - Reporting - Data Entry - Email Payslips - Full HMRC accreditation - Timesheet Data Entry (Central and Remote) - Unique Configurability -Proven Integration to Financials, T&A & HR - Chart of Accounts and Payroll Journal -Full CIS Support - Invoicing and Credit Control - Scalable to all sizes of organisation in any sector - Powerful Data Manipulation Utilities: Import/Export, Reporting, Table View - Database Independent Technology (MS, Sybase, Oracle etc.)


Major platforms compatible with product

All SQL databases (MS, Sybase, Oracle etc.)

MAPI compliant apps MS OutlookWeb Browsers & Versions

IE6 or laterMS Office version/s

Office 2003 or later


Woodford Green, UK



Number of Users

UK: 150
USA: 0
Rest of the World: 0

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Delivery Options

In House