An HR Director's guide by Access: Absence: what's the cost?

An Access Select HR Director's guide: Absence: what's the cost?
In a lean economy, few organisations can afford to overlook factors that affect morale, productivity and profitability. This makes absence as much of a performance indicator as more 'traditional' KPIs such as turnover and profit. But how is today's cash-strapped organisation to assess whether it has an absence problem - and take steps to reduce it?
This guide explains how HR software systems offer a practical solution for businesses, regardless of setup or size.
Read our guide and learn how we could help you to:
  • Accurately estimate the cost of absence to your business
  • Capture, monitor and measure absence information
  • Identify absence patterns and trends using measures such as the Bradford Factor
  • Assess the impact of measures such as return-to-work interviews and flexible working
  • Benchmark absence figures and set internal reduction targets
  • Utilise workflow and triggers.
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