Invitation to Tender Template

Many Organisations are often unclear as to how to approach the sourcing of their HRIS solutions. Larger Private sector and most of the Public sector use a methodology known as Invitation To Tender (ITT) which is exhaustive and designed to clarify every possible requirement in the search for HR software. This methodology, commendable as it is, still has its drawbacks not the least being that vendors dislike the protracted time scales and labour-intensity of the process.

Perhaps the main problem from the client point of view is that that you can source the ideal HRIS solution but you still need the right people and processes to make it work.Nevertheless, regardless of sector, it is always good to have structure in your quest for the right HR software and Payroll software.

Accordingly, we give a sample of an Invitation to Tender here that is an amalgam of some that have been done by our consultancy arm in recent times, in order to give some idea of what is required. This can be used as a template for modelling your own version. We hope you find this of value to you.