Best expat destinations revealed

Two different surveys show that the most popular destination for international assignees does not necessarily match with the best.

The US has once again been named as the most popular destination in the world to place international assignees.

According to a survey of 929 mobility professionals by logistics company Sante Fe Relocation, some 18% of all global assignments took place in the US this year, up from 16% in 2016. China came in second in popularity terms at 11%, down from 12% last year.

Surprisingly given the outcome of the Brexit referendum and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, however, the country saw its popularity rise by 1% to 8%.

When it comes to sending people abroad, meanwhile, the US once again topped the list at 18% of the total, followed by the UK at 9%, a drop of four percentage points over last year.

But interestingly, a second poll crowned Singapore as the best overall destination for expats to live and work for the third successive year. The 10th annual HSBC Expat Explorer survey, which takes factors such as economics, experience and family life into account, also gave the second and third spots to Norway and New Zealand respectively.

Switzerland topped the local economy and political stability league table, but New Zealand was deemed the best destination for experience and the Netherlands for family life.