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Vizual Management Solutions are leading suppliers of the CaptureIT Time and Attendance System encompassing Clocking In Systems and Employee Attendance Management Software.
These solutions help you to record and monitor employee's attendance time, manage absences, run a flexitime scheme, electronically store employee records, control access to secure areas and automatically transfer attendance data to your payroll software.
All this is performed using the CaptureIT Time and Attendance software combined with time recording machines or a PC based clocking in module.
Our Time and Attendance System is designed to help you monitor, record and manage your workforce attendance more effectively and save you time and money. Recording every aspect of your employee's attendance behaviour has been proven to cut costs and streamline procedures.
The CaptureIT Time and Attendance system helps you to manage every aspect of your employees' attended time at work. Attendance data is collected in real time by employees recording their attendance using a clocking in terminal, PC or a mobile device.
Our Time and Attendance System provides real time management information and combines time recording options to suit all business types.
We provide a range of time recording and clocking in terminals for the purposes of monitoring attended time, including proximity, magnetic swipe and biometric fingerprint identification.
Attended time can be transferred directly into payroll software such as Sage, Pegasus and Earnie. The CaptureIT Time and Attendance System provides an unlimited number of Flexitime, fixed and variable shift patterns, and produces an automatic fire roll call.
A comprehensive set of reports keep you informed of workforce attendance and absence patterns. By installing the CaptureIT Time and Attendance System, our electronic time recording system, your workforce and absence management can be controlled more effectively.
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