Carval payroll software users go live on HMRC RTI pilot


The 18th May deadline for End of Year filing may be hurtling towards most payroll departments but not for the Carval Uniwage payroll software users that went live on HMRC’s Real Time Information (RTI) pilot scheme this week. Carval support consultants Bill Wilson and Louise Morris were on site to witness this monumental change and report on how things went.
Louise explains the process “The first submission every company has to perform is the “Employer Alignment Submission” or EAS. This allows employers and HMRC to align employee records and once this has been successfully run then the employer is on the RTI scheme. Next step would be running payroll and submitting their FPS  (Full Payment Submission) which submits all payment details, tax NIC and other deductions.”
Louise goes on to report “Carval has five clients participating in this phase of the RTI pilot scheme and out of these four were due to submit their first live submission on the 8th May. All four pilots successfully submitted the EAS submission without a hitch and then one client went on to submit their first RTI payroll run. This also went through with no problems. Our last pilot is due to submit their first submission on the 14th May.”
Carval’s next piloting scheme is due to start in July and while this is now full there are still places in November’s RTI scheme. If you use Uniwage Payroll software and think you might be interested in taking part in the November RTI scheme then please get in touch via our support desk and we will be happy to provide you with more information.