Case study: LINPAC's global decision-making is led by Talentia HCM solution

How LINPAC's data-driven global decision-making is led by Talentia HCM solution
“Talentia’s Human Capital Management solution for LINPAC quickly provides us with the information that we need to make strategic decisions centrally. The development and implementation of this software has been a key project that has brought the HR teams across the global group together.”
Jacki Sanderson, Group HR Manager, LINPAC

LINPAC leads the global packaging industry in the development and production of innovative food packaging solutions. With more than 2,600 members of staff globally and over 450 in the UK, LINPAC has utilised Talentia Software’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution since 2007. The system supports LINPAC’s core HR activities including employee development and the inbuilt workflow ensures that time consuming tasks such as the collection of employee data can be automated. This enables faster strategic decisions to be made and gives HR time to focus on business performance.
The system was implemented with the key aims of enabling the organisation to gather group-wide data on employees. It supports employees throughout Europe and Asia and has been rolled out in five different languages to date. All local sites throughout the organisation have the ability to track core HR information, while LINPAC’s Head Office tracks global HR information. Talentia’s organisational charting tool is also used by HR to produce up to date and accurate organisational structures and for scenario planning. 
Key benefits:
·         Software provides LINPAC with the necessary information to make quicker data-driven decisions
·         Wide variety of reporting methods allows for the swift exporting of corporate data
·         Multi-dimensional access security controls provide LINPAC with robust safety measures
·         Flexible and comprehensive range of reports allows HR team to easily view retrospective data
·         Ease of software enables staff at different levels within the organisation to use it effectively.
Talentia Software has worked closely with LINPAC to develop a HCM system that ensures anyone, anywhere within the organisation can be provided with secure access to comprehensive functionality through a web browser. Despite the wide reach of this software, however, LINPAC’s central HR team ultimately retains control of both data and processes by having the ability to assign varying levels of security access to different user groups in order to control access to data based on local requirements. Talentia has developed a strong relationship with LINPAC as a result of providing dedicated support and training to staff and LINPAC plans to use inbuilt workflow in the future to reduce administrative tasks such as absence management. The company is also currently considering reviewing its performance development process within the system.