Chapman Bathurst Streamlines HR Management with Cezanne OnDemand Online HR Software

Building services consultancy Chapman Bathurst is using Cezanne OnDemand online HR software to streamline its HR processes and improve the way it manages its people.
Chapman Bathurst ‘brings buildings to life’ across the public and private sector and employs 80 staff in offices in London, Kent, Birmingham and the UAE.  The business has ambitious growth plans and recognised that it needed a flexible and cost-effective HR software system to support management of its expanding team.
Until recently, the company’s HR data had been held on a variety of different spreadsheets and much of the knowledge about people and their capabilities was lodged in the minds of the two-strong HR team.  HR manager Alison Johnson explained:  “By this time next year we plan to be at around 120 staff and it just isn’t going to be possible for us to manage our data in this way anymore.  We wanted a system that would enable us to manage our basic HR reporting more efficiently right now – but that also would allow us to add other features later on as we needed them.”
Alison booked a demo of Cezanne OnDemand after seeing it at the CIPD HR Software Show last October and was impressed by both its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. “For £2 per employee per month, it’s just a no-brainer,” she said.  “We are only scratching the surface of what the system is capable of at the moment, but it’s already made a huge difference.”
All employees are now profiled on one central system, making it much easier to keep personal data up-to-date and to produce monthly HR reports for the management team.  “It’s probably saved me a couple of days a month in terms of pulling together the HR metrics.  The information is readily available and in an easily retrievable format visually as well”.  Alison explains.
Cezanne OnDemand has also proved to be a valuable tool to support the induction process, thanks to the availability of personal profiles, complete with photos, on the system.  These are now being used regularly to familiarise new joiners with the company structure and to introduce them to teams across the business that they are likely to come into contact with.
The next phase of implementation will involve transferring holiday and absence management processes onto the system.  There are also plans further down the line to introduce the performance management module, which is available to subscribers for an additional £1 per employee per month and also incorporate our benefits within Cezanne as well next year
Alison hopes that putting all HR data on one centralised system – and eventually introducing employee self service – will encourage people to take more responsibility for their own information and will lead to the business becoming more resilient in the longer term.  “It will help line managers take ownership of the process of managing their people instead of making the HR team the central point for everything,” she explains.  “The more we can roll this out across the business and encourage people to use it the safer it will be for the business.”
The fact that basic HR information is now much more easily accessible has also freed Alison’s time to concentrate on the strategic issues.  “The fact that information is now immediately to hand has allowed me to be more pro-active in my role.  I don’t have to spend so much time pulling data together, which means I can focus on moving the strategy forward,” she says.