Covid-19 Update - Italy

04 MAY 2020

New rules from today onwards about social distancing. People can now leave their houses to visit relatives and for some outdoor activities.

4MLN workers are back to their workplace since further businesses have been authorized to reopen. Employers are coping with work safety responsibility that the law assigns to them.

Draft of Decree which approval is expected this week is investing 55 Mld euros.

Payroll related topics:
- previous measures will be extended and allowances increased as expected
-social shock absorbers duration extended from 9 to 18 weeks between 23rd Feb and 31st Oct
-dismissal are forbidden for 5months after 23rd Feb (previous measure was 60 days)
-paid parental leaves for Covid are increased to 30 days (from 15) to be used before 30th of September
-baby sitting bonus increased from 600 to 1200 euros (deadline 30th of September)
-contribution and taxes remain suspended
-various allowances for subordinates and self employed have been confirmed for the month of April

New FAQ site (Italian; English site is expected in the incoming weeks):