Discover the secret to simple, accurate and efficient time management for your workforce with Carval

Sit back and relax and let us take you on a whistle-stop tour of Carval's Time Management Solutions from the market-leading HR Unity range on 14th October.
Whatever your business type we can give you the tools to make planning, recording and managing employee working times a cinch. Our solutions cover rostering, time and attendance systems, web-based timesheets, smart phone apps and much more.
What you will learn
Discover how implementing our integrated Time and Attendance solutions can:
  • drastically reduce absence and lateness;
  • give supervisors the tools and real-time information required for decisive management;
  • provide accurate payroll and billing data for both employees and agency workers;
  • support the introduction of workforce efficiency programs such as demand scheduling;
  • reduce legislation non-compliance risks and eliminate data entry effort and inaccuracies with in-built integration to HR and Payroll.
Managing employee working times with Carval
Carval offers a range of time management solutions to help you keep track of your employees – wherever they are working. So whether you need to manage complex shift patterns, flexible working, plan resources or control access to your premises we have the technology to help. Combined with an integrated payroll system these solutions can save you days each month in manual reconciliation alone.