[Dubai] Kuwaiti MPs want half of expatriate workers deported

Kuwaiti MPs want the government to cut the number of expat workers by 50% to end their alleged “onslaught on public services”, Arab News reports.

In reporting via National Daily Kuwait Times, Arab News quote MP Khalid Al-Saleh’s statement that the government should follow a proposal which pushes to deport half the 3.3 million expatriates living in Kuwait, over the next five years.

Mr Al-Saleh said of the Kuwaitization drive, “The government must adopt serious measures to save the country from the (expatriate) typhoon that has taken up services and jobs.” He continued, “We have to work with the plan immediately so as to reduce the number of expatriates by 50 per cent over the next five years, especially since a majority of them are marginal labourers.”

The proposal forms part of the government’s push to recruit more of its own citizen workers. A similar drive is underway across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - both Saudi Arabia and Oman have been trying to boost the number of locals they employ.