Ex-Bond Star Begins New 'Pay-Role'

Roger Moore, former Managing Director of payroll software giant Bond HR & Payroll, has joined fintech innovators PayDashboard as the Chair of PayDashboard’s Advisory Board

Moore, who served with Bond for over eight years following Bond’s acquisition of TeamSpirit Software in June 2008, moved on from the company following FMP’s acquisition of the software business in August 2016.

Former Bond HR & Payroll MD joins PayDashboard

Mike Binns, CEO of PayDashboard, said “We are strengthening our team by building an Advisory Board which will provide us with valuable support and expertise at a time of strong growth for the company. Roger’s extensive experience of the payroll software industry will allow him to play a key role in shaping our strategic thinking and at the same time he will be a terrific advocate and ambassador for us. I am excited that we have been able to secure his services”

Moore says, “I was already aware of PayDashboard through my time at Bond Payroll. I was delighted to be approached by Mike and his team at the end of last year. PayDashboard are taking the concept of a payroll portal and extending this to cover not simply payslips, but advanced reporting, employee education, benefits and even saving employees money through PayDashboard Rewards. It is a completely unique concept that no one else is addressing and I’m really excited to get involved at such a pivotal time for the company. My first task is building the advisory board and I want to ensure we bring a wide range of talent and expertise to the board.”

Binns added, “PayDashboard is an independent software platform that plugs into existing payroll software to deliver a host of additional services. One of our USPs is that we aren’t affiliated to any single software provider. For this reason, we did not want to appoint any Board members currently working for a payroll software company, as it could be seen to compromise our agnostic position. Roger’s departure from FMP has been extremely timely for us and we are really thrilled to have him involved.”

Moore will be working for PayDashboard for two days a week, allowing time for him to pursue other ventures in software security and quality assurance assessments, and also spend more time with his two granddaughters.