Excelity Global and Gaiaworks to integrate payroll and workforce management system for Asia-Pacific markets

The cloud-based applications will be targeted specifically at customers in countries such as India and China.

Excelity Global and GaiaWorks have signed a strategic partnership to integrate their respective payroll and workforce management applications in a bid to broaden their appeal in the Asia-Pacific region.

The aim is to create an integrated suite of Software-as-a-Service products covering such matters as staff payment, attendance reporting and optimised duty rosters. They will be sold by Excelity’s cloud-based software delivery network to customers in countries including India and China.

Jeya Kumar, Excelity’s executive chairman, said: “Our strategic cooperation with GaiaWorks will integrate our respective systems, procedures and teams and will empower large and multinational companies to improve standardised management efficiency by unifying payments, time and attendance checking.”

The company, which is based in Singapore, provides HR and payroll software and services to 450 large and medium-sized companies in 19 countries including India, China and Australia. GaiaWorks, on the other hand, is headquartered in Suzhou, China, and provides Software-as-a-Service-based workforce management packages to customers in 13 countries such as India, Singapore and Malaysia.