A: No it is completely free to all potential purchasers, as the site overhead is borne by the vendors showcased here.

A: There's no right term. HRIS is Human Resources Information System, HRMS is Human Resources Management Software. Take your pick!

A: HRIS covers the whole gamut of software dealing with the recording, monitoring, recruitment, development and remuneration of employees. The most well-known applications are HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance, Recruitment, e-Recruitment,Training, e-Learning, Absence and Performance Management.

A: Some of our HRIS vendors have partnerships with software houses that provide features not covered by their own offering and so it is worth enquiring of those indicated on your selected shortlist. In the unlikely event that they cannot help you, please contact us.

A: At present the Tool cannot be saved whilst in progress.

A: We use the budget figure to indicate to the vendors the scale of the HRIS project; clearly an organisation of 500 employees may not be best served by HRIS software aimed at 2,500 plus employees.

A: The questions are aimed to narrow choices down to those best meeting your requirements. Where you are unable to be specific, it merely leaves more choices opted in.

A: The Terms and Conditions advise that your details will be forwarded to your top 5 picks after one week. Please contact us if you want to draw up an alternative action plan.

A: It depends on what advice you require. Please check with us to discuss your particular requirements.

A: This is stored securely so that you are identified on further visits, and is distributed to the vendors when you request demonstrations or further details.

A: Yes, currently there is no limit to the number of times that you are able to use the Selection Tool.