First Steps Towards GDPR Compliance - An article by SD Worx


Our Chief Legal Officer, Jacqueline Raison, has written some useful information on GDPR and what it might mean for your organisation. This is the second of a series of articles on the steps we are taking at SD Worx to ensure GDPR compliance.

First Steps Towards GDPR Compliance

In my first blog in this series What is GDPR, I said:

As you start looking into GDPR you will find that it will impact more of your organisation than you originally thought.

I am confident in making this statement as this is what happened here at SD Worx as we got deeper into our GDPR Readiness programme.

After notifying the Board, my first step was to assemble a readiness team that covered all relevant areas of the business. Each business area became a work stream, with a senior work stream lead, and each work stream developed its own action plan with milestones.

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