Glenny LLP Streamlines HR Management with Cezanne OnDemand On-Line HR Software

Chartered surveyors and property consultants Glenny LLP is improving efficiency and consistency of its HR processes with the help of Cezanne OnDemand’s on-line HR software solution.
Glenny has five offices around east London and the eastern half the M25 and employs a team of 87 staff.  The business, which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, has a strong regional reputation and operates across all key aspects of the property life cycle, from asset management through to commercial development.
HR Director Rob McAllister wanted to help the business “get smarter” about the way it managed HR and began looking for an HR software solution that would help to streamline key processes.  He opted for Cezanne OnDemand because of its flexibility and ease of use – and in particular the self service functionality it could offer the business.
“The ability to devolve responsibility to line managers whilst retaining a central overview for processes such as holiday authorisation was really important for us,” he explained.  “What I particularly like is the fact you are able to roll out self service gradually, rather than overwhelming employees with the functionality of the whole system immediately.”
Since the system went live six months ago, employees have been able to update their personal data, maintain their training and CPD records and manage their own annual leave entitlement.  Managers have quickly seen the benefits of the change to an automated system for approving holiday requests and seeing their team’s absence plans at a glance.  Employees have appreciated the easy access to up-to-date details of their holiday entitlement. 
For HR Director Rob, centralisation of key employee data has been a huge benefit.  Prior to signing up to Cezanne OnDemand, the business had been recording data across a series of spreadsheets and unconnected systems, which meant that finding information and keeping it up-to-date was a slow and unwieldy process.
“Having all the information linked up has been really helpful,” Rob explained.  “If I make a change in someone’s record, that change is automatically replicated in other areas if appropriate, whereas previously I might have had to make the change in five or six different places.”
The use of one, centralised system has also helped the business improve the consistency of its HR processes.  “We have five different offices, and there was a danger that absence recording methods could become localised,” said Rob.  “Cezanne OnDemand has enabled us to do things consistently across the business but in a modular way.”
The business has found the system intuitive and easy to use.  Rob attended a training day himself, after which he was able to get others up and running by putting together simple email instructions.
The fact that Cezanne OnDemand is delivered ‘in the Cloud’ also works well for Glenny, who by the nature of its business has a highly mobile workforce.  Users can simply log on to the system and access their data from wherever they may be.  “An online HR software solution  was an attractive option for us as there are no IT issues to resolve and no need for us to invest in additional hardware or software,” says Rob.
The business is taking an ‘evolution rather than revolution’ approach to rolling out the solution and plans to gradually introduce additional features and modules as and when required.  HR Director Rob is in no doubt, however, that it has already had a significant impact on the efficiency of processes.
“We didn’t have a specific problem we were looking to solve with the HR software, we were just looking to make improvements all round and Cezanne OnDemand has certainly helped us do that.  It’s the cumulative effect of all the little things we are now tackling more efficiently that has realised efficiencies and business benefit,” he says.