[Greece] New bill invokes Article 24 to protect workers

New legislation drafted by the government will make it more difficult for employers to fire employees without plausible cause.

The bill forms part of a package of laws focusing on a better payment program for state debtors which will be put forward for lawmakers to vote on. Labour ministry sources have reportedly said that, in line with the European Social Charter, employers seeking to fire a member of their staff will have to provide a plausible cause.

Employee dismissals, under the new bill, fall under Article 24 of the charter. Which safeguards workers against unjustified dismissal.

Article 24 stipulates that “With a view to ensuring the effective exercise of the right of workers to protection in cases of termination of employment, the Parties undertake to recognize:

a) The right of all workers not to have their employment terminated without valid reasons for such termination connected with their capacity, or conduct, or based on the operational requirements of the undertaking, establishment or service

b) The right of workers whose employment is terminated without a valid reason to adequate compensation or other appropriate relief.”

Under the new bill, it will also become mandatory for any severance pay due to a terminated worker to be deposited into their payroll account. This measure is intended to make sure employers are paying what they owe, in full.