How It Works

Until now, the search for new or replacement HR and Payroll software (or Human Resources Information Systems-HRIS) has presented difficulties; without considerable research, expertise in depth and the right guidance it has been difficult to compare products and make informed decisions that deliver value solutions.

GPAcomparison now provides HR, Payroll and Operational professionals with the ability to identify and connect with the closest matches to their organisation’s requirements, and give them capability to pursue selection with a high level of confidence.

Our HRIS Selector Tool has been designed to be easy to use, but robust in its ability to meet your needs. Answering a series of questions about your specific requirements - and their comparative importance - generates a report of the closest matches together with their ranked scores.

From there you may compare the features of each HRIS side by side, view additional product details, or simply click through to contact vendors and request more information or a demonstration.

For those wanting a fast overview, our Quick Product Search will enable you to key in some headline features from which a shortlist will be shown. As with the Selector, you can then go on to compare between Vendors and their Products.

In all cases, you will have the opportunity to look at the Vendor profiles where they set out their Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) so that you can get a more individual flavour of the software.Our “Exhibitions” feature is a recent innovation that enables you to compare products that are being shown at the main HR exhibitions before you actually arrive at the show.

You can access Exhibitions through the Quick Product Search screen. Check the box of the Exhibition that you require, and then press "Search". A list of vendors featured on GPAcomparison who are showing at that exhibition will appear below


If you have ever walked around these exhibitions lugging carrier bags full of brochures, or hung around a stand waiting for a free vendor rep to give you a demonstration then you will appreciate the benefit of prior research. By using the “Contact Vendor” or “Request Demo” buttons you can quickly arrange a mutually agreeable time for your demonstration which can be personalised to cover the specific questions and issues on which you want to focus.

We shall be adding new material on a continuous basis to assist and inform you. Our goal is to offer HR, Payroll and other professionals a site where they can determine their needs and view the products that meet them from a wide variety of HR and payroll software products.