HR and payroll gap closed for UK SMEs say Moorepay

Upon launch in March 2012, Gary Boyes, Director at Moorepay (a NorthgateArinso company), predicted big things for Moorepayhr, their cloud-based integrated HR and payroll solution, and their latest landmark achievement, 1,000 new client wins, signals a hugely successful first year for the product. Moorepay have been delighted to see hundreds of businesses choose to outsource their HR and payroll with them. Moorepay suggest this signals a bridging of the divide which left smaller businesses feeling ignored by HR and payroll providers.
“Traditionally SMEs weren’t offered the same rich functionality and self-service access afforded to larger organisations,” says Boyes, speaking this week on the success of Moorepayhr.  “By focusing on an area of the market previously neglected, we’ve successfully grown the Moorepayhr product into a solution that closes this gap at a time when the introduction of Real Time Information could spell problems for smaller businesses.”
Although the product was initially aimed at SMEs, the team were quick to recognise that the solution could be easily utilised by larger organisations. As a result, Moorepayhr’s client base consists of companies with staff numbers ranging from five to 1,000.
From their well-received launch to obtaining their first milestone of 300 new clients in October, the firm have carefully mapped their business journey over the past year. Now at the end of their financial year, Moorepay is pleased to announce their latest success: 1,000 new client wins and a market-leading solution.
Boyes suggests the popularity of the product is a result of a number of dynamics, namely the increasing importance of HR for businesses playing to the strengths of the Moorepay team: “We worked to develop a solution which added real value and real benefits to businesses, while ensuring we developed a proposition which took advantage of the strength and competence of the people in our business. The timing of Moorepayhr’s launch was also a key factor; we have responded quickly to a number of market developments, including the new economic conditions that came with the global recession, the changing nature of the modern workforce, and the agility allowed by mobile technology, all of which are driving innovation and creating a move away from traditional ‘on-premise’ solutions.”
As well as continuing to add value to SME’s, the next step for the firm is to capitalise on the shift to cloud-based solutions with larger organisations who are looking to move to a more agile technology solution. Boyes summarised by stating: “Moorepayhr is a viable and preferred option that can fit well into a large organisation’s payroll strategy. Indeed, the cost savings, coupled with the avoidance of on-site overhead, along with a rapid time-to-value and our modular approach to functionality, makes it an attractive and appropriate option for organisations of any size.”