HR leaders welcome the UK's first HR comparison website

Leading names in the HR industry have welcomed the launch of the UK’s first HRIS comparison website.

HR expert Paul Kearns, the author of books including HR Strategy-Business Focused, Individually Centred and The Value Motive, called ‘simple and effective.’

While Sue Walter, a human resources professional with more than 20 years' experience in the arts and media, predicted the site will ‘revolutionise’ choosing HR and payroll systems.

Kearns, one of the country’s leading HR consultants and speakers, said: “It had to happen and now, at last, it has. An extremely simple format to help HR choose the most suitable HRIS system among the myriad offers and claims. As someone who spends his life injecting common sense into HR it's great to be able to point my clients in the direction of"

Walter, Managing Director of TES Prime, and former HR head of the Times Educational Supplement, Universal Music and the Royal Opera House, said: “GPAcomparison is an exciting development that will revolutionise the challenging and often confusing task that HR professional face when choosing HR and/or payroll systems.

“The growing range of products in the market makes the front end of the process time consuming and onerous. enables HR professionals to compare and sift through the products with relative ease and create a shortlist of products that meet company requirements.” launched in June providing a range of (company-wide) HRIS solutions without decision makers having to leave the office.

HR professionals log onto and take an easy-to-follow questionnaire aimed at fine-tuning a software solution to meet their exact needs. The site also includes tips and advice on how to choose the best software.

CEO Denis Barnard said: “We are combining our understanding of HR processes and available solution knowledge to turn prospects into qualified leads. The UK is comfortable with comparison sites, so this is an obvious next step that presents a tremendous opportunity for software vendors.”

Questions will include the type of application required - HR, Payroll or Time and Attendance - as well as modules on Absence, Training and Recruitment


The results provide a graded list of the best software providers for organisations of any size or sector.

Barnard continued: “We’re replacing a lot of time-consuming research with a method that gives all the answers from the comfort of your desk. Decision makers now have HRIS solutions at their fingertips.”