HR industry's first price comparison site ready to launch

HR software providers have joined forces to launch the HR industry's first price comparison site.Suppliers including Mitrefinch, Cascade HR, Carval, Select Software and Fluous will be appearing on the HR and payroll site from its launch on 15 June. The site will enable HR buyers to fill in a questionnaire so HR solutions are tailored to their needs. HR professionals will be able to compare the packages from different suppliers in one place to decide the best fit for their organisation. CEO Denis Barnard said: "HR and payroll professionals are busy folk. Anything that will save them valuable time and deliver some real answers has got to be a winner. "We are combining our understanding of HR processes and available solution knowledge to turn prospects into qualified leads. The UK is comfortable with comparison sites, so this is an obvious next step that presents a tremendous opportunity for software vendors. "We're replacing a lot of time-consuming research with a method that gives all the answers from the comfort of your desk. Decision makers now have HRIS solutions at their fingertips."