HR Systems – they do not have to be scary


HR Systems – they do not have to be scary!
One of the problems with HR software for HR professionals and practitioners is that there isn’t a lot of preparation available for them; they are pitched into an arena formerly inhabited by IT and still using much of the terminology dating back to that time.
Add to that the burden of responsibility, not only for a big ticket budget item, but also the career implications if it goes wrong, and it’s understandable that hitherto many decisions are taken on the basis of “no one ever got fired for buying IBM”, even though the cost and organisational relevance may be off the scale.
Areas to be covered are:
  • What it does and why do we need it.
  • The stages involved in acquiring.
  • Making a business case for software.
  • Preparing for the selection process.
  • Selecting from the vendors.
In this workshop, Denis W Barnard, founder of GPAcomparison and a well-known expert in system selection will demystify the whole process from building the business case to running product demonstrations and arm you with the confidence to go forth and take charge of your project with a real expectation of success.
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