Human interaction still valued during recruitment process

But technology can help to improve the candidate experience.

Technology may be able to improve the candidate experience but is no substitute for human interaction during the recruitment process, according to research.

A survey from ManpowerGroup Solutions revealed that 10% of UK candidates could be described as early HR tech adopters – that is they have used at least three or more technologies in their job searches during the last six months.

Of these technologies, social media ads (22%), smartphone apps (21%) and video interviews (9%) were the most popular channels for candidates to use when job hunting. But nearly two-thirds of candidates chose face-to-face interviews as their preferred recruitment method, highlighting that the human connection is still highly valued.

Jill Bassett, workforce solutions director for ManpowerGroup Solutions, said: "Qualified candidates are harder than ever to find, and employers are addressing this challenge by investing in a range of technology tools, like chatbots and artificial intelligence, to help them screen and engage candidates. Tech alone, however, will not add value to the candidate experience and, as our research shows, jobseekers still favour human connection."

Employers looking to improve the candidate experience should consider five things when implementing new recruitment technology, according to HR News:

1. Define the problem: Once a talent gap has been identified, evaluate different technologies for their effectiveness and cost efficiency;

2. Know your audience: Employers must match the technology they use to the candidates they are looking for – for example, social media adverts can reach passive and/or experienced candidates that may not be on a recruiter’s radar;

3. Diversify channels: Employ a variety of tools and test and refine them for the best results;

4. Turn quantity into quality: While using smartphone apps may lead to a flood of possible candidates, employers can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to sift through their applications and identify qualified prospects;

5. Include human interaction: Technology may be the conduit but delivering personalised messages is still key in a successful recruitment process.