[India] Owners of larger homes now eligible for social security pension

Government guidelines introduced in 2018 limiting the eligible square footage of a social security beneficiary’s house - and on people drawing Employees Provident Funds (EPF) - have been amended, Kaumudi Online reports.

A government order from last July made people living in houses with more than 1,200 square feet of space and car-owners with vehicles of more than 1,000cc engine capacity, ineligible for the pension. Under the new amendment, the floor area limitation has been removed from pension eligibility criteria.

Another limitation stated that for those drawing EPF the maximum social security pension allowed was Rs 600. Now people drawing EPF pensions of up to Rs 2,000 are eligible for the social security pension.

Anyone drawing EPF above Rs 2,000 will be entitled to a maximum social security pension of Rs 600.

In 2018 the government also made changes to the criteria for pensions for the “physically challenged”, regarding social security pensions. The new rule says anyone drawing the designated pension for the physically challenged may draw one additional pension, if they are eligible, at a monthly maximum of Rs 600. The rule change came after requests from beneficiaries of the physically challenged pension.